About Emerald & Shea


Maria Sato's diverse background is emergent in her creations. She was born in New York, raised in Austin and settled in New England; steeped in creative opportunity she participated in ceramics & visual arts classes, grew up scrapbooking with her mom, and entered the Interior Design program at TCU. She ultimately majored in Finance and Accounting and began a career in financial services & tech.

Despite the career pivots, her inspiration to bring beautiful objects to being remained undiminished. She explored, partnering with nonprofits in Cambodia as a classroom teacher, before returning to finance. Through it all, she continued to design jewelry, learn calligraphy, and hone her craft.

Emerald & Shea is the marriage of Maria's logic and creativity, blending business acumen with her creative spirit. It began as a way for her to share her handcrafted jewelry and custom gift boxes with others, and it has transformed into a unique one-of-a-kind shop for collections of handcrafted jewelry and calligraphy products.

The world is full of platitudes, urging us to do what we love, which is easier said than done. Maria's love is Emerald & Shea - the passion of creativity, viability and philanthropy made real by partnering with Caring for Cambodia. Maria invites you to welcome a piece of that love into your life with her collections of handcrafted jewelry and calligraphy.

Giving Back

Maria's experience working with elementary Cambodian students and the people of Cambodia made a lifelong impact. She restarted Emerald & Shea with the focus on giving back to Caring for Cambodia. A quarterly gift is made by Maria to continue the work of Caring for Cambodia. Your patronage grows the gift of accessible education to the students of Cambodia.

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